Let’s get these life-changing products into your home!

So, you may be wondering, where to begin?

I believe that the best place to start is by choosing a kit that is right fit for your family and lifestyle as a starting point.

For me, I started with The Home Essentials Kit and I built my collection from there. This kit is liberating in the way that it provides you with the oils to start transitioning your home into a more low-tox environment. With this kit, I began the process of switching over some of my self-care products to more natural alternatives.
The Home Essentials Kit also contains On Guard®, which is an amazing oil that has many uses- from adding it to water to make a surface spray, to adding a drop or two to water for an immunity boost. You will be able to make blends to promote a more restful night sleep, as well as some roller blends to support mental wellbeing and encourage reduced stress levels and feelings of calm. Not to mention the included Petal Diffuser that you can diffuse oils to promote an uplifting, grounding or relaxing effect in your space.

Why should I purchase a kit?

With the purchase of any starter kit, which is also known as an Enrolment Kit, you will receive a free wholesale membership to dōTERRA, which is usually $35. This membership account allows you to purchase any oils or products at wholesale pricing (25% off) for the next year.

Other wholesale account perks include:

  • Access to DōTERRA’s amazing Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)

  • Free access to The Wellness Connection exclusive Facebook Group- always filled with goodness & authentic connection

  • Earn product points! You have the option to receive the cost of your shipping back in points, which is redeemable for free products

  • Earn more product points! You have the option to receive 10-30% of your orders back in points, which are redeemable for free products

  • Receive free products! If you order over a certain amount you will receive a FREE product of the month with your delivery!

  • Plus, more- click here to read more about joining me and The Wellness Connection

Please note, that as a wholesale customer, there is no pressure to sell or share the products. You are just a consumer that has access to these amazing products and added value with a few clicks of a mouse!

There is another way to join dōTERRA without purchasing a kit…

And that is by purchasing a wholesale membership- this is $35 AUD. This membership price will give you access to the same benefits & added value of a wholesale account, without purchasing a kit. If you wish to do this, contact me and I can help you, just mention that you are interested in this option.

Doterra enrolment kits

Here are the enrolment kits available to you:

Take a look through and if you are interested, find out how to place your order below.
Alternatively, if you need a hand finding the right kit for you, there is a button below to put you directly in touch with me.


ready to make an order? let me show you how…

step one: choose your kit

Make a selection from one of the Enrolment Kts either using the listing above on this website, or view the detailed PDF (link below). Please note, that you will also be able to view all products & kits on my dōTERRA website after completing Step 2.

If you are unsure or are having trouble using the dōTERRA website, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding your purchase. If you are unsure of what kit is right for you, I will be more than happy to help you out.

Also- if you are living outside Australia, there are options to join and have your goodies shipped to you from other parts of the world- dōTERRA is an expanding global company!

Click here to view the product PDF (includes AUD pricing)
Click here to contact me about Enrolment Kit selection.
Click here to view a full product & price list


step two: join and purchase via my dōterra website

simply follow these step-by-step instructions…

If at any stage you need some help, just reach out!

  1. Visit my dōTERRA online store <<<CLICK HERE TO VISIT>>>

  2. Select whether you would like your products shipped from Australia & charged in AUD, or, select the other option for all other International orders.

  3. Select Wholesale Customer to purchase your dōTERRA kit at wholesale price (25% off).
    I suggest for you to select this option to start with. Down the track, if you wish to start building your own business by sharing and educating others on essential oils you can always upgrade your account to Wellness Advocate for free at any time.

  4. Enter your details in the form that will follow

  5. Check that you see my Enroller and Sponsor ID (7446732) my name should also appear (Chloe Dunn) this ensures that you get access to The Wellness Connection and added value & benefits of my community.

  6. Select the kit that you have chosen to fit your needs and budget.

  7. If you wish, add on any additional oils or products- you will get these at wholesale pricing.

  8. Finally, enter your payment information and process your order!

  9. Await eagerly for the postman!!!

final steps:

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Once I receive confirmation of your purchase (I receive an email direct from dōTERRA, you won’t need to do anything). I will send you a welcome email with all of the links and information you need to get started. This email will include a link to join our exclusive Wellness Connection Facebook Group and your unique link to download your free essential oils phone app!

last but not least… get those oils out and enjoy them!