It’s a big place, the internet, so for you to find me here, I believe it is a sign. The universe has some strange ways of delivering you what you need, at the right time. That’s exactly how I found my way to dōTERRA and the world of pure essential oils- but that’s a story for another day.

Fast-forward and now here I am, sharing them with you.

My world has been transformed since I unboxed my first Kit and found a place for it in our home. I couldn’t wait to diffuse something uplifting and citrusy and roll on some lavender for bedtime. From there, I began to experiment and one oil at a time, I started to uncover the multitude of ways that these oils can be integrated into our family’s daily life (and I’m still learning!)

My love for the oils took me to the library, to workshops, to online forums as well as hours spent up late on YouTube. I had countless conversations with others that shared the same passion, as well as with people who hadn’t yet introduced essential oils into their lives because of varying reasons. Either way, I felt a burning desire to share my new found love for dōTERRA and continue on my path to holistic wellness.

The decision to partner with dōTERRA was an easy one, a joyous moment in time when I jumped in and said a big, firm, definitive YES. You see, I am not usually like that, these past few years I have spent as a worn-out, tired and stressed business owner. Although I was enjoying life, I had no spark and found that my emotional wellbeing and health started to come as a last priority. Simply existing and working in a life that hasn’t been serving me caused me to lose touch with my intuition. Looking back, I believe that I lost my ability to tune in to my gut instinct, simply because I spent every day defying it.

This new personal venture of mine is one that is truly in line with me as a human being, it’s a deep, intuitive feeling- it is so right and I know it. My passion for health and wellness and my burning desire to help others have joined together to make this addition to my career and exciting one. I am not here to just sell you oils- I am here to help you transform your life, from the inside out. I am here to be of service to you!

What I love most about my discovery, is how they can positively impact your life and your family in many ways. Your emotional wellbeing, your physical health, the soundness and sustainability of your living environment and, if you are into it, your spirituality too.

But- that is just scratching the surface, because the impact of dōTERRA extends much further than its customers… It extends out of your home and into the world; positively impacting people and families globally, on a massive scale (more on these amazing initiatives to come).

So, if you have read this far I have your attention- and you are likely interested in learning more about dōTERRA and the impact it can have on your family’s life. I am really happy and appreciative to have you with me.

I am here to connect you with the oils and to help and guide you on your path to holistic wellness- whatever this might look like for you. I can provide you with the resources and tools that you might need as you reach your own health and wellness objectives. The overwhelm to start with is definitely real and we have all felt it- I plan to simplify everything for you and make this process exciting.

So…. Are you ready to get started?

Chloe Dunn The Wellness Connection Doterra